The 2014 Underdogs linebackers:
Niv Medlinger, Yuval Fisher, Yoni Janis, Seth Rosen, Hillel Merran,Misha Holodovsky.

Changes that were made: The 2014 season linebackers squad changed it’s scheme from 3 linebackers on the field to 2 most of the time, it required the linebackers to be faster and better tacklers.
Misha Holodovsky transfered from defensive end, rookies Hillel Merran and Seth Rosen joined the team and had a solid rookie season.

The defense allowed 5.4 yards per rush. As the offense gained yards but was inconsistent in the red zone, the defense allowed opponents to convert only 20.6 percent of their third downs. In the team’s three losses, Jerusalem Lions converted 3-of-9 third downs, and Tel-Aviv Pioneers converted 5-of-21 in total for both games. In the end, the linebackers were responsible for 23% of the team’s tackles.

One of the biggest losts to the squad on 2014 was Yuval Fisher, who had torn his ACL during practice on week 14 – ending his season short with 34 tackles.

2014 Honors: Niv Medlinger (Israel National Team), Yuval Fisher (Israel National Team)

What to watch: After the team’s merger with the Northern Stars, the Underdogs will receive at least 2 new linebackers to fill the void left by Yuval Fisher and Seth Rosen, both still recovering from their knee injuries. Niv Medlinger will return for another season with the Dogs as the team captain and MLB, returning with him is veteran Yoni Janis. Joining the team from the Northern Stars is Shai Rotbaum, a former Israel National Team member.

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