The Underdogs always look to recruit more people to the team.

If you think you got what it takes, send us a message about joining the team.

Tackle Football is like physical chess, it requires a combination of strategy and athleticism. The Israeli football league has 8 teams from the southern Be’er Sheva up to Haifa in the north. We invite you to join us for practice and league games in the coming season.

When you picture a football player you see a big guy, but actually a football team is composed of players with different positions and different abilities. We are looking for players who are heavy, tall, quick, small or aggressive, anyone has something we need and a part he fits.

The team offers a great solution for anyone who wants to get in shape but need an encouragement or just gets bored from monotonic exercise like running or gym. Exercising with a sport team encourages to do sport physical activity and makes it more fun and interesting.

We help new players and guide them, starting from the most basic rules up to the most complicated routes. Those who show persistence and athletic ability can eventually get to the national team and even to collage teams in the US.

The Underdogs football team, operating in the greater Haifa, Krayot and Zichron area, is recruiting new players - ages 18-45.

You are invited to a trial practice, no prior experience required.
You are welcome to contact us or leave you details and we’ll contact you.