In just a few hours, an airplane carrying the Israeli National Football team will take off from Ben Gurion Airport to Spain for the team’s first ever international match.

The national team will face the Spanish national team, that used to play in Group C, the third division of the European Championship.

Among the team are 7 players from the Haifa Underdogs roster: QB and the national team’s captain Matt Kauffman, DE Leon Gikher, WR Nimrod Smith, CB Guy Halberthal, S Mica Allon, TE Amit Kolton, LB and Underdogs captain Niv Medlinger.

Along with the 7 players, are 3 Underdogs coaches, working together for the INT; Haifa’s head coach Jay Armstead as the LB coach, coach Ori Shterenbach is the offensive coordinator and line coach Alan Hearn is the offensive line coach for the national team.

The team has been training for a year, for what seems to be the biggest challenge for Israeli Football in the last couple of years – defeating Spain for the eligibility to play in Group B, the 2nd division of the European Championship; within Group B are Denmark, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy and Serbia.

On Friday morning the team will land in Madrid, they’ll have a couple of days adjusting and preparing, both physically and mentally. Finally, on Sunday the heavily anticipated game will kickoff at 13:00 Israel Time.

For the supporters staying in Israel, you can view the team playing LIVE on YouTube Sunday 30.8 at 13:00 Israel time.

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