The 2014 Underdogs offensive line
G – Leon Gikher, Alex Primak, Shahar Shpilberg, Pinhas Rozner, Yehuda Arkin,
Yuval Aluf, Oren Srulevich.
C – Asaf Israel.

Changes that were made: On the 2014 season there were several changes
made to the offensive line; with Shahar Shpilberg moving from defensive end
to the right guard position, Yuval Aluf joining the team from the Northern-
Stars, the retired lineman Alex Primak returning for one more season – the
offensive line squad got bigger and faster.

With the OL expanding, under the coaching of Alan Hearn, the Underdogs
were able to gain 2,071 yards in the 2014 season and 230 yards per game.
The highlight being the Jersusalem Kings game in which the offense gained 415 yards.

With the high yards achievements – protecting the Dogs’ own QB wasn’t an easy task. Matt Kauffman was sacked 16 times this season for 101 total yards,
about 6.3 yards per sack and an average of 1.7 sacks per game. Allowing him to pass or run the ball most of the time without hesitating for too long.

An area for improvement, along with the rest of the offense, will be red-zone efficiency.

2014 Honors: Alex Primak (All-IFL 1st Team), Leon Gikher (All-IFL 2nd Team, Israel National Team)

What to watch: Unfortunately not everyone on the squad will return for next season, Alex Primak will be hanging his cleats, excelling this last season. Leon Gikher is projected to play on defense, and after Shahar Shpilberg had to take a step back from football, it’s still unclear whether he’s returning for another season.
With this in mind, the verteran center Asaf Israel will try his best, along with Pinhas Rozner; they will have to work hard together to make up for the newcomers and upgraded 1st-stringers so the Dogs can once again have a solid shot at the national championship.

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