The NIH panel concludes that acupuncture may be an effective adjunctive therapy for many pain conditions. Acupuncture has been claimed effective for various pain conditions including migraines, back pain, tennis elbow menstrual cramps, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome. These studies suggest acupuncture as no more effective than placebo. NaCl solution, immersed in 5% polyvinyl pyrrolidone iodine, and rinsed again in the sodium-chloride solution. The anterior segment from each donor eye was removed and the posterior poles were examined with the aid of a binocular stereomicroscope to confirm the absence of gross retinal disease. The trypsin was carefully aspirated and replaced with Dulbecco's modified eagles medium (DMEM, Biochrom, Berlin, Germany) supplemented with 20 % fetal calf serum (FCS, Biochrom). Cornea is one of the most successfully transplanted organs however predictions show that need for corneal transplants will soon outpace donor tissue. Fully synthetic non-biologic corneas are under development but urrently the synthetic materials do not integrate well into the ocular environment. Corneal cells in culture show many characteristics of corneal cells in vivo, but these cultures do not secrete enough extracellular matrix to produce the transparent and strong tissue required for a functional cornea. Our lab is investigating the hypothesis that keratocytes embedded in a three dimensional scaffolding surrounded by the other cellular components of cornea will generate connective tissue similar to that made gooogle shmogle in vivo. For scaffolding we are using synthetic hydrogels generated from hydrolysable polymers and acellular tissue matrix from animal corneas. Simultaneously we are developing a source for cells in these assemblies by examining means of expanding culturedcorneal cells and means of adapting stem cells to assume corneal phenotypes..

The Team

The Haifa Underdogs started as every day group of “pick up” football game. Back in the year 1999 Ben Friedman (team’s manager as of today) started a weekly tradition in Haifa – playing hard hitting tackle American football.  With time, the group became a team, which together with 2 Tel-Aviv teams formed the IFL, back in 2005. In its first season, contrary to its name, the Underdogs claimed the first place with the championship title.

From its inception, the Haifa team was not accounted for, as opposing teams thought themselves to be bigger and better. It was expected by everyone, except us, that we will be a non-factor. Our name, “Underdogs” is a constant reminder of that for us. We decided to keep this piece of history with us to always drive our effort beyond the limit, to never be unaccounted for. The name became a synonym with the fighting spirit and never back down attitude that our football carries.
Ever since the championship, the Underdogs have not had one season without playoff games, including additional title match in 2007.

With the coming season starting in October, again we are underdogs that must fight their way through to get to the top.

Underdogs. The Hunt Begins!