Rams Football

The Rams Football is an amateur high school American Football team located in Haifa, Israel.

The team consists of high school students from all around the Haifa area and competes in the Israel High School Football League (the IHFL) along with 6 other teams.

AllenRam’s head coach is Haifa Underdog’s line coach – Alan Hearn and among the coaching staff are Underdogs head coach Jay Armstead and starting Wide Receiver Ran Breuer. The team’s home field is located in the Reali High School in Haifa in which they practice as well.

On the 2013-14 season the Rams have made it to the National finals, during which they’ve faced the Kfar Saba Hawks.

The Haifa Rams football team, operating in the greater Haifa, Krayot and Zichron area, is recruiting new players - ages 14-18

קבוצת הפוטבול של אזור חיפה, הקריות וזכרון מגייסת שחקני נוער  בגילאים 14-18

You are invited to a trial practice, no prior experience required.

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